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Elementary Athlete

March 6-May 22 $65 monthly

Wednesday 2:15-3:15

RB Hunt walkover available

Location at Anastasia Fitness

No class Spring Break 3/20

Minimum class size 5 Max class size 10


Athlete Performance Program


March 4-May 22

1x weekly WEDNESDAYS: $85/monthly

2x weekly: $160/monthly

Monday & Wednesday 4:45-5:45

Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-4:30

Wednesday 3:30 $85 monthly

Minimum class size 5 athletes

12:1 ratio

Beginning and ending assessment

Contact Coach Rich or Minnette for class placement

Privates available

ATHLETE PERFORMANCE PROGRAM (APP) is a 4 week athlete building program with measurable results.

 Your athlete will with not only work with coaches but movement specialists.  Program will consist of movement-based, physical awareness that focuses on power, speed, flexibility, and agility to develop proper muscle recruitment to encourage an injury-free sporting experience.

APP-LEVEL 1 is a middle and high school program that focuses on linear and multi-directional speed and agility, proper movement in change of direction, power and plyometrics with an emphasis on injury prevention through recovery. Level 1 sessions will begin and end with standardized assessments. 

APP-LEVEL 2 focuses on refining movements from level one in a smaller group setting. This program is specific to individualized athletes with similar skill sets and/or weaknesses/dysfunctions. Level 2 sessions will begin and end with individualized assessments. 

APP CAMPS are offered during off-season and summer and will include the following:






 on-site training and team programming available