We are proud to publish our business values.  Its important to know what you stand for or else you will fall for anything.  Well we know what the cardinal rules are for us and how we will face our clients and community.  Writing down the values is the first step, walking the talk and bringing the values to life is our constant challenge.  The expectations are clear, lets StaFit together.

Anastasia Fitness Core Values

  • Safety first.  Cleanliness, friendliness and professionalism next.
  • The client relationship is more important than the membership.
  • Be candid, listen intently, speak your truth.
  • Be curious, seek improvement, embrace change in order to grow.
  • Value function over fashion.
  • Be accountable for results and small details.
  • Be your best model of fitness and happiness.
  • Be supportive and visible with causes and events that make a difference with our community’s wellness and fitness.
  • Work hard with enthusiasm, celebrate results.
  • Practice patiently, do not settle, the journey is the prize.
  • We win or lose together.
  • Have fun.