Who wouldn’t want to win Best of St Augustine?  It’s a contest and we want to win for our pride and future marketing purposes.  As we are blasting requests to vote over social media and email, the question we asked ourselves is what contest really matters?  We realized that this popularity contest isn't how we win as a club, as a community. We win with our commitment to fighting the obesity that spreads through our nation, to bringing fitness to our youth, to grow families that shine because they have experienced what fitness can bring to their daily life, and to support lifestyles that amp up the energy of our hometown.


We want you to know that our eye is on a bigger contest that involves our focus on daily habits and small achievements that promote happiness for our members and friends.  We win when our St Augustine community is energized because they exercised, ate right and are motivated to continue the journey to fit living.  Ultimately this is the contest that matters.


We will get the votes we deserve for Best of St Augustine.