Self-Care September for Mamas

Being told to add workouts to your already very hectic Mama schedule can feel less like self-care and more like another to-do you just don't have time for. Self-care in general can feel selfish when it seems like time is being taken from your child's day for something that is 'just for you'. But this just isn't the truth. A work-out is not punishment or an hour of hell to try to change your body into some ridiculous ideal and it certainly will not mean your child's development or sense of being loved will in any way become endangered. What happens when you give yourself this small bit of time is that you get happier, healthier and restored for all the daily tasks of motherhood and the relationships that go with it. Feeling burnt-out and overwhelmed by all there is to do seems to go away and you are left with more energy, patience and joy to move through your day with your family. One of the most amazing side-effects is that you get to teach and show your child what healthy self-care looks like.

At Anastasia Fitness we know this to be true because this has been our experience. Both within our own families and with those families we strive to support in our membership. One of our core values is to be a part of a movement that encourages healthy and fit families to grow within our community. This is why we have teamed with Belly Luv Maternity Studio to offer Stroller Fit. A bootcamp just for Mamas with cardio and strength-training elements within a group atmosphere that supports all aspects of motherhood. This 6 week session begins 9/28/15 with classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:30am. Childcare is available or you can bring your stroller baby with. Simply call (904)471.4300 to sign-up or stop by our front desk. It's time to do something just for you.

Members $150 Non-members $180 Drop-ins $15