Youth Sports Performance

Our Youth program is geared towards middle-school aged children. Seasons will run for 6 weeks with sessions held every Tuesday and Thursday.

3PM – General Physical Preparation (GPP).  Training intended to provided balanced physical conditioning in endurance, strength, speed, flexibility and other basic factors to prepare the youth for sport specific training.  Emphasis on strength development and motor skills.

4PM – Sport Specific Training.  Following GPP, add sprint training and plyometrics that will translate to improved sport performance.

All participants must complete the six week GPP and indicate necessary strength and motor skills to move forward to Sport Specific Training.  GPP maybe required in many cases for multiple six week sessions from some of our youth participants.

Our Free trial week starts Tues/Thurs Mar 1 and Mar 3. 

First six week session starts Tues Mar 8.

What does it Cost?

$150 per six week session.

What is a free trial week?

The week between six week sessions is a free trial week.  Open to public to experience GPP training only.   Sport Specific training is not offered during free trial week.

Who are the coaches?

Henry Nowell, Kevin VanDyke, Josh Morton and Mel Phillips.