St. Johns County Fire Rescue Junior Lifeguard Program

The St. Johns County Junior Lifeguard Program is open to boys and girls (9-17 years old). The program is staffed by certified ocean rescue lifeguards and focuses on providing water safety education in an environment that is fun while building teamwork, physical conditioning and respect for each other and the environment.

Highlights include: Issued St. Johns County Junior Lifeguard gear, First Aid lessons including CPR certification, Lifeguard rescue skills (swimming, paddleboard, jetski), body-boarding and surfing, lifeguard competitions, weekly cookouts and awards

Registration and Tryouts: All participants are required to pass a swim assessment prior to registration. Registration will be done on a first come first serve basis. Registration forms and payment of $150 per child per session are due at the time of the tryout. Due to program popularity spots cannot be held for any reason. Participants will be limited to registering for two sessions. (100 yard continuous swim, 5 min water tread, 10 yard underwater swim)

TRYOUT DATES: Solomon Calhoun Pool 10am-2pm, Sat/Sun 4pm                                                    Sunday March 20th, Wednesday March 23rd, Friday March 25th, Saturday April 2nd, Sunday May 8th

CAMP DATES: Monday-Friday 9am-1pm, Family cookout Fridays at 12pm                                   Session 1: Monday June 13th - Friday June 17th                                                                                            Session II: Monday June 20th - Friday June 24th                                                                                   Session III: Monday June 27th - Friday July 1st