Be a Fit Mom! May Specials for Mom:

What are your reasons for wanting to be a fit mom? We hear from our StaFit mamas all the time about how their work-outs help to create more energy and balance in their lives. It's amazing what a little bit of 'me time' at the gym can do to restore us to jump back into our days as busy parents and partners to our families. As our physical strength increases so does our stamina and patience for the multitude of tasks that outline our day. The benefits are endless; a built-in community that supports not just our fitness program but our life outside of the gym as well, better health means better attitudes, we find we sleep better, we make more mindful food choices, and all the while our children receive the byproducts or our healthy choices as they themselves pattern our daily habits. In celebration of all that fitness and Moms can achieve together we are offering the following specials for the month of May: 

  1. Sign up for a membership and receive free childcare

  2. Sign up for a membership and receive first month of Team Training free

  3. Sign up for Personal Training package and receive a team training 10 class pack free