Advance with Clinics

Coaching Clinics

Open to all members.

Meets in the upstairs Training Room at 6pm. 

Come visit with a coach and take a clinic on the following topics.


Monday, September 12th with Mel

Couch to 5k with Mel Clinic


Tuesday, September 13th with Josh

Max Muscle Growth Clinic:

We will discuss the keys to muscle growth- time under tension, tempo, form, etc. As well as go over specific strategies to integrate these ideas into your own training!


Tuesday, September 20th with Rich

Tone and Core Clinic:

Focus on developing proper form and muscle awareness to improve lean muscle and strong foundation within your 'core' structure.


Tuesday, September 27th with Henry

Urban Crosstraining:


A unique work-out with edge. Using sleds, tires and hammers learn the 'how tos' of this adventrous training style.