Sports Performance : Training with Bungees for Speed and Agility

This is Not your typical HIIT workout! With the influence of an athlete's style and a contemporary progression. The use of Bungee Training derives from Speed Training, A style of training that focuses on the mechanics of proper Running.  Just as athletes found out Bungee Cord Training is a great way to infuse Plyometrics and Cardio into one routine.  This may be the challenge you're seeking!? An upbeat workout with versatile exercises that challenge: Posture, Breathing and Coordination. If you have never trained with Bungees, you will feel the difference.        

                                There are a few benefits that Bungee training provides you:

Fast First Step

                Improve your "First Step" with Bungee training. This style of training is considered to develop Power and Endurance. When anchored the bungee is holding you back, and the force you need to drive your feet into the ground to accelerate and decelerate becomes greater. 

Core Strength

                "If You don't want to get pulled around, you better tighten up." Core Strength is key in this workout. Over the class time you will feel the fatigue set in, with the "pull" of the bungee around your waist. Each step you will have to be with intent!


                With an adjustment to the harness belt, the workout becomes  versatile and full body. Alternating from one Exercise to the next allows the workout to flow smoothly. Each workout will have an evolution of exercises that mimic Speed and Agility Drills that train agility, Linear Speed, and core Strength