Group Fitness PM Schedule is here to help

We know that working-out after a long work day can sometimes be exhausting to even consider. This is why we offer classes that will help you hit cardio, strength, flexibility and even relaxation just by showing up. Our classes will provide the energy and motivation you need to reach your fitness goals rather than plodding along on a treadmill or trying to figure out the weight-room. Make a commitment to try out a minimum of 3 evening classes for the next 30 days and we know you will be pleased with the results.

PM Schedule:


4:30 Zumba 5:30 Spin and Sculpt 6:30 Body Pump


4:30 Buti 5:30 Sculpt & Tone 6:30 Yoga


4:30 Zumba 5:30 Piyo 6:30 Spin


5:30 Sculpt and Tone 6:30 Yoga


5:00 Power Hour 5:15 Body Pump