Train with Rich

Honestly, at first, I was intimidated….

        I first met Rich at a seminar on knee health given at Anastasia Fitness in early September.  While the group went through a series of knee movements, Rich looked at me and said my right hip was my problem.  As a runner with right hip pain, I was impressed!  (I was diagnosed with severe osteopenia in my right hip 3 years ago;  I have since improved to moderate osteopenia.)  Rich arranged a time to meet one on one with me for an assessment (at no charge, a perk offered to all attending the seminar).  After observing my running gate, he said that he could fix my stride, thus helping my hip.  He delivered!

        Long story short…my run times have improved…Pink Up The Pace 5k from a 17:07 pace in 2016 to an 11:00 pace in 2017;  Cottonmouth 1/4 Marathon from a 13:25 pace in 2016 to a 10:34 pace in 2017;  and best of all, my hip pain and tightness are greatly reduced!

        Rich has such a wonderful working knowledge of exercise kinesiology.  I have learned so much from him.  If I’m unable to master a movement, he adapts one for me to accomplish the same function.  He explains running and body mechanics in a way that I can understand.  I’ve been running (actually shuffling) wrong for a long, long time…but with Rich’s patience and excellent more shuffling for me!!  Rich doesn’t give up on you…ever!

-Audrey J.