Why Anastasia Fitness is Different - From a Member - Thanks Spyro


I wanted to write to tell you something.

I have been looking into moving to the jax beach area, and I have been looking for houses to buy or rent, and warehouses too - for car work.  The search continues.  I am already a member of a new church there.  One day, while walking back to my car, I noticed a cross - fit gym on the corner up there.  I walked in to ask about prices, etc.  I was emailed a pricing sheet.  It starts with ten assessments (these are mandatory) at 60.00 per each, and once those are complete, the membership is 185.00 per month.  They recommend members not "subject themselves" to more than 3 workouts per week.  I did the math, and somehow ended up telling these facts to Seth, and later to Josh.  I thought the fees were laughably outrageous.

Anyway, Josh mentioned a class he teaches that is like a crossfit type workout, and I thought I would give it a try.

I have been attending for weeks now.   It takes a lot to commit to the early morning time slot, so it must be offering something I felt is needed.  I like the class because it breaks up the weight training routine with higher impact exercise, and essential (and / or often overlooked) muscle groups like core muscles are a center piece of the training regimen Josh uses.  I love this because I know core strength is essential for injury prevention, it promotes good form that carries over into my current and into other new exercises, and I like that Josh has already "thought up" a routine and how he offers direction to be sure the motions are done properly by attendees.  Today, Josh's routine even had you using a partner to assist with the execution of the resistance band training.  This promotes the camraderie in the room, and makes attendees feel a bit like a family.  With my other strength training routines, my recovery ability can only afford a class like this once per week.  So that is perfect, and speaking of affording, the fact that it does not cost nearly $3,000.00 per year...is also very good.  Haha

This is my first foray into classes / team training type of exercise, and I am impressed with Josh and the class he leads.

I just thought you should know!