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Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am

Rethink the Pool: If you looking for a new and challenging workout, if you're an athlete searching for that competitive edge, or simply want to improve overall mobility and strength then AquaFIT is for you. AquaFIT allows you to build Power, Strength, Mobility, AND Balance while recovering from your everyday land workouts in the low-gravity environment of the pool. The AquaFIT advantage "Less Pain, More Gain": As you gain strength, you will also experience less trauma and cleaner coordination with AquaFIT due to consistent resistance, natural compression and gravitational properties of water. It's not just a new way to work-out, it's a smarter way to train.


The last week of August, we are offering FREE demo classes on the 29th and 31st. 

Paid Sessions begin September 5th.


Space is Limited: respond via email or by calling (904)471-4300 to reserve your space.