$10 Dream vs. $45 Reality

What's the point of paying $10 a month for a gym membership you never utilize? Are you paying just to keep the dream of 'being fit' alive? Don't you think those national chains know that's all they're selling you? (Plus the side of guilt and remorse from not showing up.)Wouldn't a $45 a month membership that helped you reach your goals be so much more beneficial to your life? Better body, better health, better mood and so much more. At Anastasia Fitness we don't sign you up knowing we may never see you again, we do all we can to get you in the door as much as possible. We want to be your lifestyle. When you don't show up, we call. When we see you plateau, we find a way to help you move differently and more effectively, We are so much more than just a place to send in $10 to keep the dream of 'Tomorrow, I'll start' alive. We are making it a priority to make Saint Augustine the nation's fittest city- be a part of our dream that will make your own a reality.