Athlete Performance Program begins TUESDAY!

Sport Specific Training for Youth Athletes

Program Date 11/13/2018-12/20/2018

$225 + $25 assessment fee

6-week APP (Holidays will effect scheduling)

Class times start but not limited to 


(2:30- MS-AP or assessments)

3:30- Middle School AP

4:30- High School AP

5:30- Mixed AP

Once above class options are full more classes will be added.


2:15- Elementary School AP - 4-5th graders 

RB Hunt walkover offered

Our Athlete Performance Program is now under new leadership.
At Anastasia Fitness we specialize in performance training that focuses on functional multi-joint movement to improve coordination and recruitment of muscles to develop strength, power, agility, and injury prevention. Our highly trained and expertly accredited coaches will help you take your game to a totally new level. Any athlete, any sport, we can do it!