Are you taking the right supplements?

Seven out of ten adults are buying supplements according to national surveys.  Why are so many people taking supplements?  The supplement industry has exploded for many valid reasons.  First our ability to eat the quantity of fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and other real food items is a challenge, so we supplement the gaps in our nutrition.  Second, even when eating real food, the nutritional density is lacking due to soil degradation, antibiotics and hormones.  Third, toxins that come with our fruits and vegetables from pesticides/herbicides can also create a detrimental load in our body that supplementation can attempt to overcome.   And finally, environmental toxins such as mold, plastics, air pollution and other metals/materials are reacting with our immune and digestive systems and we supplement to overcome this demand on our body.  The reasons to supplement discussed previously are just to provide our bodies with a chance to cope and deal with our day to day challenges.  Two other reasons are if we are seeking to offset specific disease or try or if we are trying to reach higher performance, this drives other valid reasons to supplement.   So the question is where do you start?  We think you build a foundation to deal with the daily limitations or shortcomings.

On a foundational basis, we suggest the following six supplements:

1.       Multi-Vitamin

2.       Pro-Biotic

3.       Omega-3

4.       Coenzyme Q10

5.       Vitamin D

6.       Magnesium 

In the case you have a specific deficiency or need to overcome, then you can work with identified supplements that can prevent further issues specific to your situation.  Finally there are supplements that can lead to maximizing your potential, whether its cognitive, athleticism or longevity. 

The choice to take a supplement must consider the source and quality of the materials.  The claims surrounding the supplement can be exaggerated.  The consistency and standard of the manufacturing can also vary and lead to poor results.  Choosing supplement manufacturers that are subject to quality testing is crucial to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for.  We subscribe to which is an independent company that tests supplements for potencies against the claims on their labels.  We only stock or resell brands that meet consumer lab standards and have a proven reputation in the industry.

We can match prices with Amazon and Vitacost, to online sales shops for any of the products that we are stocking.  We are currently selling Life Extension, Thorne and Garden of Life.  Across these manufacturers, we can offer a full range of products to meet the foundation, personal and enhancement needs. 

Stop by Anastasia Fitness and make an appointment with Kevin if you would like further information on getting started with supplements or would like to consider switching to our products.