Meditation Workshop

Christine Ojala has been teaching yoga and meditation for the last 20 years. Over the past two decades she has worked and designed programs for a broad range of students and clients in the private and public sectors including: the University of Minnesota (Lecturer/Department of Dance), University of Minnesota Golden Gophers Men’s Football, Arena Dances, numerous mental health clinics and school districts, professional athletes, and thousands of ‘normal’ people such as herself. A recently relocated native Minnesotan, she holds a BFA in dance and a masters degree in Global Public Policy from the University of Minnesota. Christine lives with her husband and 12 year old son in Lincolnville. You may visit her website here

Meditation Workshop ($20)


Beginners and Experienced Meditators Welcome!

This 2 hour workshop will guide new students (and serves as a refresher class for experienced students) into experiencing and potentially establishing a basic mindfulness meditation practice of their own. The class will begin with approximately 10-15 minutes of basic yoga postures to awaken the spine and release any major tension that individuals are feeling upon arrival. Approximately 30-40 minutes will be spent discussing the roots of meditation, Christine’s approach to the practice, and discussion of meditation ‘technique’ or practice guidelines. The second hour of the workshop will be guided practice - first walking/moving meditation, then sitting. Q & A will end the workshop.