Jumpstart Change- Weight-loss, Lifestyle

Weight-loss Program that Works!

6 week Program begins April 4th*

Get together with people who share your goal to lose weight and gain health. Follow a training guide provided by Anastasia Fitness and facilitated by Kevin VanDyke to get a foundation of the lifestyle habits that lead to losing excess weight. You will have membership privileges to use Anastasia Fitness during the six weeks. There are no get healthy quick gimmicks, it's just learning the daily practices that deliver results over time. Doing the program with others means that you will build relationships and stay motivated.

*minimum of 4 participants required

Here's an open letter from a participant in one of our past Jumpstart Seasons:


Paula and I wanted to say thanks for the Fat Loss Jump Start program at StaFit that we just completed.

It was so much more than just losing weight. We loved the holistic approach of incorporating Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management, Sleep importance and most importantly Change Management. The supporting data using reference articles from renown sources was amazing. Tracking our progress on the Chronometer and Renpho scale and waist measure gave us objective data to work with. Having both an expert on exercise and on nutrition was very helpful. We needed intentional changes to move forward in a healthy manner, but we also needed our Why.

Paula lost 10 pounds and I lost 10 pounds during our 6 week program. Our diet, exercise, mind, lifestyle are focused to propel us where we want to go. We enjoyed the Vision process guiding us to be intentional and long term motivated for a healthy vision through our future. Life is what we make of it. We do have control over much of it.

Thanks again Jed and Paula