Free Weight-loss Event

Join Isobel McGrath and erase the word diet from your mind and your vocabulary. Isobel will be hosting an event to showcase her book, "Lose Weight: 21 Winning Tips, Begin a Healthy Mindset and Lifestyle Change!", April 6th from 1pm-2pm. This book will help you make lasting adjustments in your mindset. A new mindset is key to affecting the choices you make around food and eating. These tips and tools encourage you to take control of your eating behavior. Whether you struggle with emotional eating, compulsive overeating or feelings of defeat and failure, you can experience new found hope.

Isobel McGrath, MS, CHT, IADC, has 22 years expertise in the treatment of depression, anziety, addictions, self esteem, body and eating issues. Isobel utilizes an encouraging, holistic and practical approach to changing emotional eating and out dated habits.

Healthy snacks and refreshments provided. Free and open to the public.