Mindfulness Mediation Series with Judy

Earlier this year I signed up for a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course with Judy Angyalfy at Anastasia Fitness. I’d meditated for many years, sometimes consistently- sometimes not, but I’d never stuck with one particular tradition/study/style of meditation. It had certainly given me some of the serenity and clarity of mind I was seeking but I still struggled with anxieties and feelings of despair. I’d sought to find relief through fitness, self-help groups, therapy and more- all helped but there were still bumps, sometimes daily, in the road.

I was eager to find a more steady solution and that’s when I heard of Judy’s MBSR program. I knew some of Judy’s personal history and of how MBSR had helped her to deal with the extreme heartbreak of losing her son far too early in life. Seeing her often at the gym it was obvious she gave time and attention not just to physical fitness but also to a more holistic approach to overall health as well. It seemed ‘meant to be’ that I was searching for something more and that she was the one to offer a solution.

The course brought together people from many different backgrounds who were seeking relief from a variety of ‘problems’. Over the next couple of months, I learned so much about the science behind MBSR and how my brain and body operate together. This was encouraging to believe in the process of MBSR and the tools I was being taught to change how I reacted to daily stressors. It wasn’t always easy going- sometimes there were frustrations in my home practice away from the group- but often there were also what felt like huge growth spurts when I was able to meet calamities (big and small) with a sense of calm underneath it all. Since finishing the program I’ve continued my MBSR practices and been amazed by the growth that still keeps occurring. It’s is a skill set that allows me to be a more present parent and spouse while receiving more joy from my daily interactions both in my personal and professional life. I am forever grateful to Judy and my MBSR group for facilitating such an amazing shift in my perspective that has allowed me to participate more fully in my life than ever before.