Club History

1985 and the Story Begins

Thirty years ago, our club was built by Tom and Pat Wiley.  They had a vision for fitness that involved racquetball, fitness and friendship.  A group of members shared that vision and joined what started as Anastasia Athletic Club and is now Anastasia Fitness.  Tom will be stopping by the club later today to get in his time on the treadmill and strength equipment.  He created a habit, hard to lose it.  I love seeing Tom everyday in the club.

Now, in 2015, the club has evolved from five racquetball courts to a full service fitness club with all of the amenities for you to find your fitness.  One racquetball court remains and attracts members to play and experience the fun of four walls and flying blue balls.  We are reminded of the "spirit of fitness" that used to be the motto for the original Anastasia Athletic Club by all of the members that have made strength, fitness and fun part of their lifestyle.  

We are excited about the opportunity to recognize thirty years of fitness in St Augustine and Anastasia Island.  Its a new era but an old story.  Have fun, stay fit, live fully.