Gift Certificate

Built for Motherhood

Motherhood takes what you thought you were capable of and blows right through all expectations. You find a deeper reserve of strength, fortitude, patience, creativity and compassion than you knew you contained once kids come into your life. Of course, we hit a lot of walls in motherhood too- challenges we never thought we’d have to face or ones we thought we would’ve handled with a bit more grace when they came our way. Through it all, our community of strong mamas has found that fitness can be a well of re-discovering strength, busting through barriers, re-storing a sense of individual self, and sometimes- let’s be honest- just getting a break from our kids.

This Mother’s Day, celebrate your own strong Mama with an Anastasia Fitness membership and when you do, we’ll give you a $100 gift certificate to Amazon! (You can give mom the g.c. or pass along to Grandma or even keep for yourself- we won’t tell.) This is the kind of gift that will last a lifetime and won’t be forgotten by next year’s Mother’s Day.