Havoc- the ultimate outdoor workout

Bootcamp with an edge:

The ultimate outdoor workout. Timed intervals as you move through stations that feature sled push and pulls, ladder drills. tire flips, kettlebell swings, med ball slams and SO MUCH MORE! Not only will you find challenges here, you will find a team that pulls you through each workout and a Coach that wants to see you succeed. If you love bootcamps, tried Crossfit and felt something was missing, love to move outdoors and workout with like-minded individuals who share a passion for fitness- then you are missing out if you haven’t been to Havoc. Coach Alex formats workouts that will kick your butt while remaining mindful of appropriate movements that will build strength, power and endurance without the cost of injury. Plus, these prices canNOT be beat! What are you waiting for, come join the Havoc experience!

Youth Programs for 2019

Youth Athletes, Gymnasts, Tumblers and Tots…

Our Youth programming keeps growing stronger. Whether you want to provide more developmental opportunity for your toddler, help your elementary student foster a love of movement, support your middle-schooler’s sport specific progress or provide your high-schooler with a greater skill-set for competitive sports: we’ve got you covered!

TumbleTOT is for 18 months - 3 years. These energetic classes allow your child to explore, imagine and move while building confidence and developing physical, mental and social skills.

PreTumbleFIT is a great way to help your child develop strength, coordination, and even concentration skills. Your little one will get to experience challenges that encourage confidence while practicing teamwork and sharing with others.

TumbleFIT is for elementary, middle and high school students. Classes will focus on overall mental and physical development including physical strength and flexibility, mobility/movement, body awareness, and the how's and why's of proper form and technique. This is all achieved by following USA gymnastics progression and safety guidelines. Through progressive drills designed to develop proper form and technique, each tumbler will achieve their personal goals. R.B. Hunt kids includes walk-over.

Pre-APP is Movement based physical awareness for 4th and 5th graders that focuses on power, speed, flexibility, and agility to develop proper muscle memory to encourage an injury-free sporting experience. 

Athlete Performance Program serves middle and high school athletes. We specialize in performance training that focuses on functional multi-joint movement to improve coordination and recruitment of muscles to develop strength, power, agility, and injury prevention. Our highly trained and expertly accredited coaches will help you take your game to a totally new level. Any athlete, any sport, we can do it!