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Why no Abductor/Adductor machine?

When you walk into just about any health club, you see a lot of the same machines. Typically these machines require you to sit down, and more often than not, a workout turns into simply making the rounds on each machine. The good news is you made the effort to get to the gym and work towards your goal. The bad news? Some of those machines are not only a waste of time, but those unnatural movements can actually make existing injuries worse. A few years back when one of our owners was a Physical Therapist, we removed the abductor and adductor machines based on the extensive knowledge our then-owner carried from his profession. We pride ourselves on giving our members the very best opportunity to reach goals through personal training, small group training, functional equipment and much more and so when we remove a machine it’s done purposefully. By doing functional exercises for abductors and adductors, you gain more strength, tighten your core and lower your risk for injury.

The focus on functional training is important for many reasons. In our everyday life, we are constantly recruiting multiple muscle groups at once. Every time you get in or out of your car, kneel to pick something up, or walk up a flight of stairs, you are using your abductors, adductors, glutes and hamstrings. By sitting in a machine and squeezing your legs in or out, you are no longer engaging the muscles as you normally would in real life. Those muscles need to learn how to work together so they automatically do it during your day to day activities. This increases your overall lower body strength and lowers your risk for injury.

When you are in a supported seated position, you are also no longer engaging your core. By doing standing exercises with free weights, cables and bodyweight, the abductors and adductors are fully engaged, as well as your core.

No one wants to make an existing injury worse, or risk a new injury occurring. Tight hips and Iliotibial bands are very common, and sitting in the abductor machine, forcing your legs outward your hips and IT bands can become even tighter. For many, the hope is to spot tone those pesky inner thighs on an adductor machine.

Unfortunately, spot toning is not something that is effective and a repetitive, unnatural motion can put a lot of pressure on the knees.

So what can you do to work on your inner and outer thighs? Squats, lunges, lateral lunges, single leg deadlifts, lateral cable lifts with the heel cup and ankle band walking – just to name a few. Talk to one of our certified fitness professionals and find out what the best exercises are to accomplish your unique goals. Instead of repeating the same exercises you always do and hoping for different results, shake up your routine and get the results you want.

Zumba with Tracy

Tracy has been teaching at Anastasia Fitness since 2015 but has been a part of our StaFIT family since our Anastasia Athletic days as a little girl coming with her mom- who is still a member too! She’s born and raised in Saint Augustine and is now raising her own sons on Anastasia Island. Tracy’s husband, Robbie, is active duty military and a big part of enjoying as much of their together time as they can is Robbie dropping in to Tracy’s Zumba classes. More recently, Tracy’s youngest has gotten in on experiencing the Zumba dance fitness movement when he joins his mom to dance at the front of the room packed full of members that get an extra dose of cuteness with their hour of cardio.

Not only does Tracy provide an amazing experience for her students in the classroom she is also committed to them outside of the gym: arranging dinners, get-togethers, and even bridal showers! When a regular has a birthday, Tracy even creates a special playlist full of the birthday-member’s requests to make their day extra special.

Daily, we are aware that our team of instructors is not the norm. They inspire, they care and they put their whole heart into their students and their time at the front of the classroom. We are incredibly grateful to have such an amazing team of instructors who value the influence fitness has on making lives better.

Group Fitness Instructor since 1993

Carrie has been working out with some of the same members of Anastasia Fitness since 1993. Talking with her recently we asked what she most enjoys about teaching at StaFIT.

The members!  I love coming Anastasia Fitness.  Everyone is so friendly and kind.  I have been working out with some of the same members since 1993!  The members at AF are dedicated to a life of fitness and not a quick fix.  They want to live an active and happy life.  The staff at AF are also a wonderful team to work with.  We always work together and help each other out.  It simply feels good to be part of AF.”

 We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Walking through our doors never feels like a job because both our members and our staff constantly inspire and energize us to keep showing up. There is an unparalleled camaraderie and genuine support of one another’s goals and struggles- not just as applies to fitness but to all aspects of our lives.

We’ve been on the island now for 34 years, many changes have occurred over those years, but the spirit of community that was fostered at our start has survived all this time and we strive to not only maintain this foundation but also encourage its growth.

Come join the family! Show this blog when you come in for a tour and we’ll waive your $49 joining fee.


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