trial membership

Do you have any deals?

We get this question often from prospective members.  They are conditioned by their previous experience with fitness clubs, that there is a deal and that negotiation is the best way to start their relationship with the club.  We have chosen a different approach.  Our rates are simple, a little more than $1.50 per day for an individual membership ($45 per month).  Add on another family member for $30.  One time activation fee of $49 per person.  Pay in full for $450.  No additional charges, no hidden fees, no pressure conversations with a salesperson.  You get access to the entire club and group exercise with the membership.  Individual and Team Training is extra.  

We think the best way to start the relationship is our 30-day Trial Membership.  By joining our club, you are making a significant commitment emotionally, financially and with your time.  Why not make sure the fit is right.  All prospective members have the option to try us out for 30 days and experience the club.  Team Training is included during the Trial Membership as well, so that you can meet the coaches and other members that are working together towards their goals.

A friend suggested that everyone likes $1.50 deals.  Not sure there is a better $1.50 deal for the amenities and opportunity to build fitness, community and find motivation than what we have at Anastasia Fitness.