Fat Loss Jump Start - Six Weeks of Training of Lifestyle Habits for Fat Loss

Our group training program for fat loss starts Oct 9th at 7:30PM. Our program is a compilation of the best lifestyle methods to practice daily and get the fat loss results you deserve. We follow our workbook on the basics of nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction and embracing change. Participants in groups feel motivated to accept new ideas and share the challenge of making lifestyle improvements. No gimmicks. No food plans or smoothies to purchase. Just learn and practice in a group setting for the best results. Includes six week membership to Anastasia Fitness, Daily Workout Plan, Private Facebook Page, weekly group check-in and meeting at 7:30PM Tuesdays and training on Cronometer, a meal planning app.

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Run Clinic

Join Coach Josh this Saturday at 9am for a very special Saturday Frenzy. Whether you enjoy 5ks, 10ks, half or full marathons or just running/walking in general this is the clinic for you.

  • Full body warmup that can be used for your pre run/race needs

  • Assessment of underlying limitations/weaknesses and how to correct

  • Form drills focused to improve gait

  • Basic strength exercises that are running specific

  • Full body cooldown with attention to mobility to meet your post-run needs

    This clinic is free to our members and the cost of a day pass to non-members

Meditation Workshop

Christine Ojala has been teaching yoga and meditation for the last 20 years. Over the past two decades she has worked and designed programs for a broad range of students and clients in the private and public sectors including: the University of Minnesota (Lecturer/Department of Dance), University of Minnesota Golden Gophers Men’s Football, Arena Dances, numerous mental health clinics and school districts, professional athletes, and thousands of ‘normal’ people such as herself. A recently relocated native Minnesotan, she holds a BFA in dance and a masters degree in Global Public Policy from the University of Minnesota. Christine lives with her husband and 12 year old son in Lincolnville. You may visit her website here

Meditation Workshop ($20)


Beginners and Experienced Meditators Welcome!

This 2 hour workshop will guide new students (and serves as a refresher class for experienced students) into experiencing and potentially establishing a basic mindfulness meditation practice of their own. The class will begin with approximately 10-15 minutes of basic yoga postures to awaken the spine and release any major tension that individuals are feeling upon arrival. Approximately 30-40 minutes will be spent discussing the roots of meditation, Christine’s approach to the practice, and discussion of meditation ‘technique’ or practice guidelines. The second hour of the workshop will be guided practice - first walking/moving meditation, then sitting. Q & A will end the workshop.

StaPRIMAL is Next Level Training

We’ve been promising you a new program from Alex and Minnette and it’s finally here!

But, there are ONLY 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE!

This 75 min 8-week program includes:
🔑30 min modality primal workout moves 
🔑30 minute stations 
🔑15 minute skill drill

Bodyweight, Kettlebells, maces and indian clubs will be used throughout and programming will include nutrition support and accountability. Mondays at 5:30pm begining October 1st.

Are you taking the right supplements?

Seven out of ten adults are buying supplements according to national surveys.  Why are so many people taking supplements?  The supplement industry has exploded for many valid reasons.  First our ability to eat the quantity of fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and other real food items is a challenge, so we supplement the gaps in our nutrition.  Second, even when eating real food, the nutritional density is lacking due to soil degradation, antibiotics and hormones.  Third, toxins that come with our fruits and vegetables from pesticides/herbicides can also create a detrimental load in our body that supplementation can attempt to overcome.   And finally, environmental toxins such as mold, plastics, air pollution and other metals/materials are reacting with our immune and digestive systems and we supplement to overcome this demand on our body.  The reasons to supplement discussed previously are just to provide our bodies with a chance to cope and deal with our day to day challenges.  Two other reasons are if we are seeking to offset specific disease or try or if we are trying to reach higher performance, this drives other valid reasons to supplement.   So the question is where do you start?  We think you build a foundation to deal with the daily limitations or shortcomings.

On a foundational basis, we suggest the following six supplements:

1.       Multi-Vitamin

2.       Pro-Biotic

3.       Omega-3

4.       Coenzyme Q10

5.       Vitamin D

6.       Magnesium 

In the case you have a specific deficiency or need to overcome, then you can work with identified supplements that can prevent further issues specific to your situation.  Finally there are supplements that can lead to maximizing your potential, whether its cognitive, athleticism or longevity. 

The choice to take a supplement must consider the source and quality of the materials.  The claims surrounding the supplement can be exaggerated.  The consistency and standard of the manufacturing can also vary and lead to poor results.  Choosing supplement manufacturers that are subject to quality testing is crucial to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for.  We subscribe to www.consumerlab.com which is an independent company that tests supplements for potencies against the claims on their labels.  We only stock or resell brands that meet consumer lab standards and have a proven reputation in the industry.

We can match prices with Amazon and Vitacost, to online sales shops for any of the products that we are stocking.  We are currently selling Life Extension, Thorne and Garden of Life.  Across these manufacturers, we can offer a full range of products to meet the foundation, personal and enhancement needs. 

Stop by Anastasia Fitness and make an appointment with Kevin if you would like further information on getting started with supplements or would like to consider switching to our products.

Get paid to workout at St. Augustine's Best Gym

St. Augustine's Best Gym wants to pay you to workout

For the month of September, when you join and show up at least 8 times in your first month we'll pay you for your commitment to fitness. That's just 2 check-ins a week! Studies show that members who show up 2 times a week are more likely to maintain a commitment to their fitness routine. Join now and experience all the benefits that a fit lifestyle entails!

Personal Training and Small Group Team Training

Best Training in Saint Augustine

Look no further, we offer both small group and one-on-one training services to help you attain your goals in an environment that is supportive and inspirational. Our trainers know just how to challenge your capabilities so you can reach even beyond your goals with intelligent, safe and effective training approaches, Our trainers continue to attend conferences, lectures, hands-on events and complete new certifications yearly so that we remain informed on how to best serve our clients needs. You can expect your sessions to always include the 7 functional movements

to allow for a well-rounded session that will progress mobility, strength, endurance and more.

Flagler College Back to School Gym Special

Saint Augustine's Gym for Back to School


Summer's end and back to school is always bittersweet. Make it sweeter by re-committing to fitness as schedules return to somewhat normal. After-all it's been proven that fitness improves cognitive function so when you work-out with us you'll cut your study time in half AND improve your grades!

When you join as a member you'll receive a $40 gift certificate from us.

Student memberships eligible for special offer above include our $30 month 12 month commitment or our $330 annual paid-in-full. Still want to join but can't commit to 12 months? That's ok, we have a $40 month-to-month option too- just without inclusion of special offer.

TumbleFIT with Ms. Minnette

TumbleFIT Gymnastics Program in                 Saint Augustine

Classes will focus on overall mental and physical development including physical strength and flexibility, mobility/movement, body awareness, and the how's and why's of proper form and technique. This is all achieved by following USA gymnastics progression and safety guidelines. Through progressive drills designed to develop proper form and technique, each tumbler will achieve their personal goals. R.B. Hunt kids includes walk-over.

Training for athletes off the field, track, mat

Youth Athlete Training

Young athletes are sustaining injuries they never should because we are not properly preparing them for the sport they are playing at the intensity they are asked to. Training outside of team practice also increases performance and athletic capabilities. Schedule an assessment today for your youth athlete with one of our coaches.

Check out these points from Cassie Dionne, a physical therapist specializing in Mobility & Recovery for Athletes.

1. Physically Prepare for Training

Youth athletes are not simply mini adults. They are still growing and often lack coordination. They sit all day, and because of this may have inappropriate hip functionality, as well as a lack of posterior strength. In other words, they have musculoskeletal imbalances that need to be addressed before they lead to pain or injury down the road.


"[Y]outh need to work regularly with a prehabilitation and movement specialist (e.g. physiotherapist) and strength and conditioning coaches to ensure these potential injuries never become an issue."

Youth athletes do not have the strength, endurance, or stability of their muscles and joints to properly or efficiently perform many sports skills. This means they are at high risk for poor form, improper technique, and training errors. In addition, because they are often doing sport-specific training for the first time and trying to meet coach and parent expectations, they may not know how to properly recognize injuries. Instead, they put a “twinge” or “pain” off as just being sore from their training.


Put simply, youth athletes aren’t physically prepared to jump into high frequency sport training right away. They need to prepare their body for their sport by working with specialists in strength and conditioning and prehabilitation to ensure they have the proper strength, endurance, balance, coordination, and mobility.


2. Prevent Overuse Injuries

This point is related to the above - youth have inherent musculoskeletal imbalances and lack strength and endurance (especially in the posterior muscular chain and stabilizing muscles). Because of this, if these athletes don’t physically prepare to train for a specific sport, it isn’t a question of if your athlete is going to get an injury, but when.


Our bodies are amazing and find a way to accomplish pretty much any task we ask of them. If one muscle is weak, another will take over. If one joint lacks mobility, you’ll usually see another nearby joint have too much. But this is precisely the problem.




These compensations become the norm for our bodies. The strong muscles get stronger and the weak muscles get weaker. We continue to compensate daily, only further exacerbating the issue. This leads to altered and improper movement, dysfunction, and pain. Left unchecked, it can result in overuse injuries that can halt our youths’ training and sport participation, not to mention their regular day-to-day life.


This is why youth need to work regularly with a prehabilitation and movement specialist (e.g. physiotherapist) and strength and conditioning coaches to ensure these potential injuries never become an issue. Regular check-ins are a must, especially when transitioning to a new or higher-level sport, at the beginning and end of the season, and after a growth spurt or puberty, as well as after any injury, surgery, or extended illness.



3. Decrease the Likelihood of Traumatic Injuries

Unlike overuse injuries, traumatic injuries cannot be predicted. These injuries don’t happen gradually, but in mere seconds - the torn ACL, fractured ankle, or dislocated shoulder. 


But just because these injuries cannot be predicted, doesn’t mean they can’t be prevented. This comes back to ensuring athletes have the proper strength and stability of their muscles and joints. If the shoulder muscles are strong - the stabilizing muscles are on, firing, and working properly - there is less of a chance of the athlete dislocating her shoulder compared to if she had little strength there. If the athlete has excellent balance and strength in his foot and ankle muscles, there is less chance he will experience a sprain.


"This current model is not working. Instead, youth athletes need to consistently work with a team."

Yes, we can’t avoid all traumatic injuries, but we can certainly work to make that our youth are strong and able to withstand the stress they will encounter while playing their sport.


4. Improve Athletic Performance

Working with professionals is imperative for not only injury prevention, but also to improve sports performance. Resistance and mobility training will have the biggest impact on the nervous system. You won’t see your young athletes putting on substantial size, but they will have the capability to get stronger due to a more functional nervous system.


Furthermore, by working with professionals, youth will work toward optimizing their mobility, stability, coordination, strength, and movement efficiency. Their speed, agility, quickness and conditioning will also improve. In addition, as athletes get older and their physiology evolves, a movement specialist and strength coach can work with them to teach skills that require a greater magnitude of mental focus and physical output.


Professionals know when and which techniques and exercises can be implemented and adapted to ensure the most effective movement and the greatest improvement in performance.




5. Improve Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Training properly will not only improve performance and reduce injuries, but will also enhance self-confidence, self-esteem, and body image. With a well-designed strength and mobility program, we teach youth athletes how to train properly and give them the confidence to do so. We show them what they can accomplish. They see what their body can do that it couldn’t do before. All that in addition to improved body composition from their training. The resulting confidence and self-esteem helps them not only in their sport, but in all avenues of life.


6. It’s Fun!

Mixing up training and adding in resistance exercises is and should always be fun. This way youth don’t feel like they are always practicing and playing their sport, but they know they are still working toward improving their skills. Keeping it fun and mixing things up also helps prevent physical and mental burnout, especially as youth athletes begin to specialize in their specific sports.


7. The Traditional Model Is Failing

The current model in youth sports looks one of two ways:


  1. Youth are training for their sport with their coaches, but don’t work with a strength and conditioning or mobility specialist. They either don’t follow a resistance program or follow a program made as well as could be made by a parent or coach.
  2. Youth do work with a specialist, but they see this person rarely, the time per session is finite, and though importance is placed on form, when these athletes are training with their peers in the high school weight room, guess who is loading up the bar?


This current model is not working. Instead, youth athletes need to consistently work with a team. Yes, a team - coaches, strength and conditioning specialists, and mobility/prehabilitation specialists who all work together and communicate with each other. This team can provide consistent advice, information, and support to the athletes so they can excel both physically and mentally.

Fear of Loss is best motivator - Why isn't it working as millions lose their life to obesity

Psychologically, we fear losing something we have much more than we enjoy possible gains.  Psychologists claim this bias is proven across all ages, gender and ethnicity.  We value the loss more than the gain, by 2-3 times.  This law of motivation got me thinking about why isn't it working when we look at the quality and potential of our lives.  Look around at the obesity increases among our community, they are losing their lives.  They had a life, sex, movement without pain, no medication, no sleep apnea, and they have traded all of this for poor eating and lifestyle habits.  I am confused by how the Fear of Loss is not making a stronger impact on the choices we are making since psychology says it should.

Quality of life maintained and surpassed with an active gym membership.

Quality of life maintained and surpassed with an active gym membership.

Life keeps getting better when you're fit.

A lot of the problems we used to think of as being related to aging, we now know aren't related to aging at all. They are related to disuse of the body, and generations have finally begun to realize 'Hey, we can do something about that.'

Small-Group Training

Team Training with Intent

Our Team Training program is available to all regardless of membership. The cost is the same whether you enjoy all of our amenities or only want to participate in Team. Formats at times take place in the pool or on land and implement Kettlebells, Indian Clubs, Bodyweight, Maces, Free-weights, land mines, med-balls and more! Every session will include blocks to cover Mobility, Conditioning and Strength-training while making sure you will squat, hinge, pull, push, carry, rotate and counter-rotate. Sick of cookie-cutter corporate workouts?- try a program that is thoughtful and time-tested to get the results you desire.

Workouts with Childcare

Summer schedules can wreak havoc on a work-out routine. We want to help you to stay on track. Get a mid-morning or mid-day break that's guilt free from the kids. While you get a workout in,  or lounge by the pool or sit in our sauna (we don't judge)….your kids get some socialization and play-time while Mom and Dad get to re-charge their parenting battery.

Amenities include:

  • Full-access to Group Fitness classes
  • Outdoor temperature controlled lap pool
  • Cardio Theater
  • Weight Rooms
  • Cross-training room including TRX and Kettlebell
  • Outdoor Obstacle Course
  • Old-school Basketball Court
  • Sauna and Steam Rooms

**Childcare is also available $10 per visit $25 per month $250 annual

***Discounts for additional kiddos

StaFit during your visit to St Augustine

Keeping your fitness habits while you travel is a priority.  Hotel exercise rooms are limited if existent. Our fabulous B&B's have nothing to offer onsite.  Anastasia Fitness is your goto destination for your workout during your vacation. Day/Week passes are available and select hotels/B&B's have direct relationships with us, so your workout is already included in your rate.  Its not just a vacation, its a fitcation.



We've all experienced times in our fitness journeys where results start to stagnate, inspiration slacks off or a desire to learn new methods occur. When that happens we can wait for the tide to turn, get back to the drawing board OR hire a professional to re-work the fitness game for us. If one on one training or small group training isn't your cup of tea, or if it doesn't fit your pocketbook, then a written program is the ideal choice to get the results you're after.

Coach Henry offers a 6 week program focused on foundational movements and progressive lifts geared to get you stronger. This program can be implemented in any space that provides a bench and weights. No membership is required and results are guaranteed.

Coach Becky offers a 6 week program formatted with intervals that provide mobility, conditioning and strength-training blocks to provide a well-rounded workout. The workouts are designed to be time-efficient because, as a working Mama, Becky knows how valuable it is to feel like you got it all done and can get on with the rest of the many tasks life throws at you.