Team Training is for clients that want to be a part of a group and share the sweat and the rewards of fitness improvement.  Adding the group dynamic to your workout can improve accountability, foster curiosity and build lasting friendships as you learn from one another. All sessions include conditioning, mobility and strength blocks. 

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TRX: Work with Suspension and RIP trainers as well as other functional strength tools to improve overall core strength and stability.

AquaFIT: A non-traditional Aqua class that features dynamic movement. A different way to move for greater strength, mobility, endurance and speed.

StaBalanced: Focuses on movement and strength with an emphasis on correct functional form and balance.

StaCore: This format considers all foundational movements in an effort to strength core and torso stabilization.

StaDynamic: Build total body strength using innovative strength and sculpting movement with tools like Maces, Med Balls, TRX, Kettlebells, RIP Trainers, bodyweight and more.

StaStrong: Find your strength as you squat, hinge. lunge. push and pull.

Havoc: The ultimate outdoor workout. Timed intervals as you move through stations that feature sled push and pulls, ladder drills. tire flips, kettlebell swings, med ball slams and SO MUCH MORE!