EXPERT INSTRUCTORS. ENDLESS OPTIONS. EPIC RESULTS. Challenge your muscles by shaking up your routine with one of our group fitness classes. Whether you prefer High Intensity Interval Training, upbeat cardio, or a relaxing evening stretch, there’s a perfect group class for every Anastasia Fitness member. Our qualified instructors will guide you through carefully planned workouts, so you achieve maximum results without having to think. Feel the benefits of a team setting in our bootcamp-style classes, tap into the energy of one of our many group cardio options, or take a rest day with a relaxing long stretch – all led by professionals who will help with your form and motivate you to go out of your comfort zone.

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BARRE FUSION A full body routine focusing on small muscle groups inspired by yoga, gymnastics, Pilates and dance for a well-rounded approach to strength-training.

BODY PUMP Strengthen it all with this full-body barbell workout..

CIRCUIT A challenging workout incorporating cardio drills and compound-muscle strength-training using free weights and power moves to burn calories, build endurance and increase your strength.

Dance Party A super fun, high energy funk/hip hop style dance workout with simple steps and safe low impact movement with non-step music!

F.I.T. Functional Interval Training at its best! Focuses mostly on a cardio-based workout with elements of strength-training using mostly body-weight moves to tone.

KICKBOXING INTERVALS Kick, squat, punch and crunch your way through an awesome cardio session that will burn calories as you tone in all the right places.

MAX CORE ABS Nothing but traditional mat core work for 30 minutes.

STRENGTH CIRCUIT Designed to define, shape and tone your body with free weight and body weight routines.

SPIN Hit the bike for cardio intervals that will make you sweat as you get your heart pumping without impact on your joints. Leave feeling energized!                                                        

STEP A traditional group fitness class that will help to build your aerobic capacity as you work with the step to increase agility, co-ordination and balance.

TAI CHI Find your breath and balance while reducing stress and anxiety.

YOGA Find your center by connecting breath with movement as you increase flexibility and strength. Offered as Gentle with components of Yin, Gentle Vinyasa as a flow for every level, Vinyasa as a stronger practice, Yoga2Recover featuring recovery tools like the foam roller, Meditation with a focus on breath and Mindful Movement and finally- Ashtanga featuring an Abbreviated Primary Series from the Ashtanga Tradition.

YOGILATES Bring awareness to breath and posture as you move through a format influenced by yoga and Pilates. Focuses on strengthening core postural muscles.

ZUMBA Burn calories with this Latin-inspired dance fitness routine!