Father's Day Membership Special

Get that Dad a membership, a chance to offer him some of that encouragement that he has given you all those years.  Add a spouse and yourself to the package.  All of the Father's Day Specials include Amazon Gift Cards in the amounts shown below.  

Adult Membership100 Gift Card Included.png

Adult Membership

This is for the Big Kahuna.  Get him or her setup as the lead member, other family members will follow.  Total price including activation fee is $544 plus tax, less the $100 gift card.

1st Family Member30 Gift Card Included.png

1st Add'l Family Member

Spouses, children join here.  There is no activation for anyone other than the lead member.  Price is $330 plus tax less the $30 gift card.

Addl Family Members20 Gift Card Included.png

OTher Family Members

When you bring the whole family, you get the benefit of lower membership rates.  Price is $220 plus tax less the $20 gift card.