Membership Overview

Our membership options are designed to offer flexibility with your budget and lifestyle.  If you are ready to get started, you can click the buttons below for the membership that applies to you.  Complete the forms, pay with your bank account or credit card and join StaFit. There is a $49 activation fee to get started.  Stop by the front desk on your first visit to get your key fob and add your picture for our files.  If you have a family member that wants to join with you, please stop by the gym and make the purchase because the activation fee is waived.

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12 Month membership and Pay monthly

Join and you commit for 12 months to pay your membership fees.  You can cancel during the first 30 days without penalty.  


12 month membership - paid in full

Join and you want to save a month on your annual cost.  Pay the entire year's membership in full and we cut the price by one month.

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month to month

You don't like commitments(yet), but you know you must exercise and improve your fitness.  Then buy a month to month membership, no contract commitment and all the benefits of StaFit.