Hope for Haiti Sponsorship with Peter Robertson

Peter Robertson is a former Captain in the Marine Corps. On his 70th birthday, May 19th 2015, he is going to attempt to break the single day record at the St. Augustine Lighthouse for the number of times it has been climbed in one day. The lighthouse has 219 steps and is equivalent to a 14 story building in height. The single day record is 28 times up and down. Peter is asking the community to sponsor him for one dollar every time he goes up and down the lighthouse. 100% of the proceeds will go to an orphanage in Haiti, Hope for Haiti, and will directly benefit children in need. Please visit robertsonfirm.com on May 20th to see the number of times completed. Checks may be made payable to Hope for Haiti.

Hope for Haiti Foundation: 217 Fiddlers Point Drive Saint Augustine, FL 32080