We offer many different ways to up your workouts when you choose Training. All members are offered a consultation with Coach Larry to find what best serves your personality, your goals and your drive. Whether it’s one-on-one, outdoors, in a group, in nature- we’ve got the answer to serve your needs and deliver results.


Personal Training

Working one-on-one creates an atmosphere of accountability between you and your personal trainer. Our personal trainers are very serious about designing your individual workout program based on your fitness assessment and goals. They take time to listen to you and understand your needs before your sessions begin. Our trainers are experts at pushing you to your limit so you can reach your optimal fitness level in a healthy amount of time.


Team Training

Work under the guidance of a certified Coach with the support and energy of your team. Sessions are programmed to address foundational movements with progressive loading and movement as appropriate for each individual in the group. You’ll be hooked in no time!


Team Havoc

The ultimate outdoor workout. Timed intervals as you move through stations that feature sled push and pulls, ladder drills. tire flips, kettlebell swings, med ball slams and SO MUCH MORE! Not only will you find challenges here, you will find a team that pulls you through each workout and a Coach that wants to see you succeed.


Beach Bootcamp

Get all your fitness needs met with Coach Josh on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8am. Each workout is designed to hit mobility, conditioning and strength-training in a bodyweight format. All levels are welcome and results are a sure thing!

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Triathlon Training

Learn from one of the best in the state!