Gymnastics tumbling program designed for active kids from 18 mo to 18 yrs. Focuses on overall conditioning from improving strength, flexibility, mobility/movement, body awareness. Each class will cover the how to’s and why’s of proper form and technique by following USA Gymnastics progressions and safety guidelines. Each tumbler will discover personal goals, work drills and techniques. Foundational for any sport.



Tumble for boys 7 & up. Athletes will work on rings, parallette bars, tumbling, body weight conditioning and mobility.


Athlete Performance Program

This athlete-building program is designed with measurable results. Consists of movement-based, physical awareness that focuses on power, speed, flexibility, and agility to develop proper muscle recruitment to encourage an injury-free sporting experience. For middle- and high- school students.

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Elementary Athlete

For serious athletes ready to learn how to take athletic movement and knowledge to the next level.