Class Highlight

Hear all about it from our member, Elizabeth:

Linda's Spin Light class is a great class if you are trying to up your fitness level after an injury or surgery! After Chiari brain surgery I went from an active Mom of three teenagers to being hardly able to do anything.I thought I would never be fit and surely never spin again, and was so sick of just walking, walking, walking on a treadmill.Washed up at 55, I thought I was doomed to a sedentary world and felt so much older than I was. Linda's spin class was my first step back to workout recovery, and gave me much needed confidence.It is upbeat and fun, and you just do what you can do.The atmosphere is challenging, but lighthearted.All age and ability groups can get a good workout.It has given me the confidence I needed to do other things and believe that I can get my health back.My three boys have noticed such a change in me too, and 19 months post-op they have a healthier Mom than they had before.Spin light has helped me turn that corner, I highly recommend the class.