A member shares her experience with our Trainer, Rich:

A Big Thanks to Rich Wilson!!

I engaged Rich Wilson as a personal trainer about three months ago. Prior to that I observed his training sessions while I was working out at the gym. I was impressed how other clients were making progress.

I have had tight back, shoulders and neck for many years. Actually I just accepted that the rock hard muscles just lived there, despite many physiotherapy and chiropractic appointments. On my first appointment with Rich he recognized the problem right away. Basically my shoulders were frozen and not moving and I was compensating in many of the wrong ways. Rich got me started using a ball to roll out the fascia in-between the spine and shoulder blades then we worked in proper form while doing exercises to get the shoulders moving again. Rich is so knowledgeable about the body and how it works and he keeps coming up with different exercises to work the same areas. I swear he dreams about this stuff at night.

I am so pleased with the progress I am making and the comfort I am feeling in my back. Plus the added benefit of core strength, a shapely bum, and strengthening bone density. And I am standing so much taller.

I’ve had a few trainers over the years, all very good but I would have to say Rich Wilson tops them all. It’s no wonder I started this with a Big Thanks!

Anne Hill

Anastasia Fitness member since 2007