Alpha Strength

"It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or a pro this is a solid program. The movement is the same no matter the load and movement is what defines your fitness !!!!" - Grant Stonaker 

 For anyone seeking a designed program with exercise selection based on the 4 lifts. Squat, Overhead Press, Bench Press and Deadlift. The program features a Male and Female version. If you are seeking to build muscle with the scientific principles that professionals use to make sure they are making gains, this program is for you.

The Alpha Strength Program focuses on Principles of Resistance training that have held up through time? The Alpha Strength program, values Intensity, exercise technique and developing pure raw strength. Based on some of the most classic yet practical exercises. The variance in exercises provides the volume needed each training session to add strength and muscle over 6 weeks. With a consistent mind set of finishing strong this routine is a go to for the novice to a gym rat. 

Why is this for Me?

The best practice for any person that has Fitness in mind is to find consistency in activity. However for most avid gym goers the practice of being on a consistent program to see the benefits is not reality.

The Alpha Training Program brings consistency to your routine. While developing strength in the 4 exercises found in all elite programs: Bench Press, Deadlift, Overhead press and Squat. With each lift working large muscle groups and different planes of motion Alpha Training bridges function and strength. Just like Elite programs developed for Power Lifting, Professional Off Season athletes and Strong Men Competitors, Alpha Training keeps the tradition alive these 4 exercises, as the foundation to developing raw strength.

What is expected? 
 With each lift focused on increasing your Repetition Maximum, the focus on Intensity carries throughout the Training Program. This provides a way to regulate how hard you want to go each day. With manipulation of Volume (sets x reps) and Intensity (weight) over the 6 weeks There is no doubt you will have results.