Zumba with Tracy

Tracy has been teaching at Anastasia Fitness since 2015 but has been a part of our StaFIT family since our Anastasia Athletic days as a little girl coming with her mom- who is still a member too! She’s born and raised in Saint Augustine and is now raising her own sons on Anastasia Island. Tracy’s husband, Robbie, is active duty military and a big part of enjoying as much of their together time as they can is Robbie dropping in to Tracy’s Zumba classes. More recently, Tracy’s youngest has gotten in on experiencing the Zumba dance fitness movement when he joins his mom to dance at the front of the room packed full of members that get an extra dose of cuteness with their hour of cardio.

Not only does Tracy provide an amazing experience for her students in the classroom she is also committed to them outside of the gym: arranging dinners, get-togethers, and even bridal showers! When a regular has a birthday, Tracy even creates a special playlist full of the birthday-member’s requests to make their day extra special.

Daily, we are aware that our team of instructors is not the norm. They inspire, they care and they put their whole heart into their students and their time at the front of the classroom. We are incredibly grateful to have such an amazing team of instructors who value the influence fitness has on making lives better.

Youth Programs for 2019

Youth Athletes, Gymnasts, Tumblers and Tots…

Our Youth programming keeps growing stronger. Whether you want to provide more developmental opportunity for your toddler, help your elementary student foster a love of movement, support your middle-schooler’s sport specific progress or provide your high-schooler with a greater skill-set for competitive sports: we’ve got you covered!

TumbleTOT is for 18 months - 3 years. These energetic classes allow your child to explore, imagine and move while building confidence and developing physical, mental and social skills.

PreTumbleFIT is a great way to help your child develop strength, coordination, and even concentration skills. Your little one will get to experience challenges that encourage confidence while practicing teamwork and sharing with others.

TumbleFIT is for elementary, middle and high school students. Classes will focus on overall mental and physical development including physical strength and flexibility, mobility/movement, body awareness, and the how's and why's of proper form and technique. This is all achieved by following USA gymnastics progression and safety guidelines. Through progressive drills designed to develop proper form and technique, each tumbler will achieve their personal goals. R.B. Hunt kids includes walk-over.

Pre-APP is Movement based physical awareness for 4th and 5th graders that focuses on power, speed, flexibility, and agility to develop proper muscle memory to encourage an injury-free sporting experience. 

Athlete Performance Program serves middle and high school athletes. We specialize in performance training that focuses on functional multi-joint movement to improve coordination and recruitment of muscles to develop strength, power, agility, and injury prevention. Our highly trained and expertly accredited coaches will help you take your game to a totally new level. Any athlete, any sport, we can do it!

Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Certificates for everyone this season.

Tired of giving gifts neither of you remember by the time the next holiday season rolls around? We have options for student athletes, those looking to make a change, to take their fitness to the next level, those seeking a more centered and mindful approach to life and much more. Check out just some of our options by double-clicking on the image below. Gift Cards and Gear are available as well.