Small Group Training


Triathlon Seminar with Rich

Join Rich at Anastasia Fitness for our Triathlon Race Seminar. The Seminar is designed for new and experienced triathletes. Training tips for newbies and experienced competitors from a fellow triathlete who's been in your shoes.

New Triathletes
What to expect on race day
What you need to bring and how to organize your gear
Nutrition and Hydration
Rules and regulations

Experienced Triathletes
See how to set your own personal triathlon training goals fitness program in preparation for your race distance.  
Improve your skills during swim training, bike, and run training in preparation for your 2018 race season.
Nutrition information, injury prevention and treatment.

Saturday, March 3rd 1pm $10

Why make Team Training your workout? Trial Week is Feb 29 - Mar 4

Trish Nelson has figured out why Team Training works for her.  Read her feedback below and take advantage of our Open Trial Week, Feb 29-Mar 4.

"I was looking for a gym that offered workout classes since I am more motivated when I work out in a group setting.  Anastasia Fitness offers thse and so much more!  Since I have been a member, I have gotten tot know and work out with all the coaches, Henry, Mel, Josh and Kevin.  They are all very good at what they do...not only are they knowledgeable, but they motivate you, push you AND make it fun at the same time!

I have always liked a challenge and when Henry told me about a new team training class starting that was going to involve weights, TRX and HIIT, I was definitely interested.  Team Training really makes you step out of your comfort zone and do things you have never done before.  It has made me stronger and I look forward to getting up at 5AM Monday thru Friday just so I can hang out with Kevin and my friend and workout buddy Julia!  Not only does Kevin push and motivate me, Julia does as well.  Julia and I rally around each other and cheer the other on when things get difficult, laughing as we sweat.  Team Training at its best!

I highly recommend the MILO/HIIT Team Training at Anastasia Fitness....working out can be grueling but Kevin and the team make it fun and you get to make friends!"