youth sports

Summer Youth Sports Performance Camp

These camps are designed for the Middle School athlete. The program Phases are designed to establish a foundation and build upon it each phase. The program's overall focus is upon improving, running and agility mechanics. As well as strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and power. The program is designed upon the NSCA Nation Strength and Conditioning Associations practices  for Youth athletes. The activities in the class will benefit any child seeking physical wellness. Improving upon skill level and discovering personal goals at Middle School ages are open to enroll. All skill levels welcome. Any specific goals can be discussed by contacting the instructor prior to each camp. Testing of the Vertical Jump and 20 yard start are completed at the beginning of each Phase, **except Phase 3, testing will be done the final week**. 

Time: Monday-Thursday 3:30-5pm

Cost: $100/camp or 25$/visit