Quality of life maintained and surpassed with an active gym membership.

Life keeps getting better when you're fit.

A lot of the problems we used to think of as being related to aging, we now know aren't related to aging at all. They are related to disuse of the body, and generations have finally begun to realize 'Hey, we can do something about that.'                                                                          Indeed, studies continue to show that we can. For example, research recently published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society found that inactivity doubles the risk of mobility limitations as we age, while vigorous activity has the opposite effect. In another study, published in the journal Neurology, doctors found that exercise can slow cognitive declines -- meaning our minds can stay sharper longer.                                                                                                       Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief exercise physiologist at the American Council on Exercise has stated, "No matter what area you look to, be it heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, research shows that being physically fit into your senior years will keep you healthier and active longer." This approach to a fitness commitment isn't the 'perfect body' dream it's the much more realistic 'better health and better lifestyle' dream.                               This is what we see occurring daily at Anastasia Fitness. Our members of the 50+ crowd have found a place that not only facilitates their workouts with equipment but with the much more effective system of a supportive staff and a community of like-minded individuals. Upon walking into Anastasia Fitness members are greeted by friendly front desk staff eager to be of assistance with anything from the offered cup of coffee, a conversational check-in that goes beyond the standard greeting, to a fitness or nutrition suggestion to help re-inspire when it's needed. Members can then find themselves in a group fitness class with a teacher who has created a well-thought out program surrounded by members who give just the jolt of energy and camaraderie that makes working out down-right addictive. Or, upstairs, they will find trainers and fellow-fitness-minded members coaching and working out at all different levels in every modality imaginable to inspire and support their own fitness journeys. Maybe, a member's workout needs and interests lead them to our outdoor space to access our lap-pool. There too they will find support and conversation to keep them coming back because their work-outs become not just another to-do but and actual joy to show up for.                                                                             We are certain that life can always improve with a commitment to fitness at any age. We see it happening every day within our gym and we desire to facilitate it for our members and for our community. What are you waiting for? Join the StaFit family and experience all the benefits fitness ensures.